Fact Checking Masterclass For Journalists In Uganda



In January 2021, Debunk Media Initiative took part in a research project by Africa Check whose objective was to evaluate the Africa Facts network’s progress in fostering the practice of fact-checking across the continent. To ensure this success, Debunk Media Initiative was selected in 2022 as an implementing partner and our members took part in an in-depth training of trainers by Africa Check with support from Google, to strengthen the information ecosystem of Uganda.
Against this background, Debunk is sending out this call to implement the practice of fact-checking starting with journalists based in the country. 

Debunk Media Initiative is hosting a two-day fact-checking masterclass for journalists in Uganda from 22nd-23rd May in Kabale District and 19th-20th June 2024 in Kampala (9am to 4pm). To apply for the workshop, complete this form by 10th May 2024.  

The training will cover different types of false information (dis- and misinformation), how and why false information spreads, using online tools to verify information, images and videos, finding accurate data from credible sources, and how to apply fact-checking methodology in your daily reporting. 

PLEASE NOTE: Spaces are limited! Do not apply if you will not be available to attend the two-day sessions in full. Venues will be communicated to shortlisted candidates.  People trained in the previous master class are not eligible. Candidates should be situated in Kampala or Kabale. Journalists from other regions can only apply if found within Kampala during those dates or able to transport themselves to the venue.  

For more information please send an email to our Communications Manager twine2bella@gmail.com.