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Is the Uganda Express Highway the most expensive road in the world?

Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye quoted in his tweet that the express highway in Uganda is the most expensive in the world.

Yes, it was really expensive to have it done but does it still stand as the most expensive road?

Our fact-checkers and producers from Debunk Media Initiative bring you some facts in this episode of The Debunk Show.

Watch to the end to have some factual knowledge of the road construction sector as we demystify these statements.

Debunk Media Initiative

Uganda's first premier fact-checking show

A fact checking organization & show series that aims at breaking the cycle of misinformation and fakenews through multi-media projects

FAKE: This Digital Card Purporting To Quote President Museveni Is Fabricated

A digital card shared on X (formerly Twitter) with the branding of purportedly quoting the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is FAKE. The card seems to suggest a rather questionable take by Uganda’s president on the recent tax riots in Kenya.  “Our neighbours, Kenyans, are picketing in the streets instead of working. The demonstrations are

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FALSE: This Video Doesn’t Show Ugandan MPs Voting On Age Limit Removal And Censure Of Corrupt Commissioners

This TikTok video purportedly comparing Ugandan legislators’ parliament attendance during the age-limit debate and censure of alleged corrupt commissioners is FALSE. The images used in the video are from different events in parliament and are unrelated to the ones mentioned in the video. The two images represent neither a plenary session when MPs debated the

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HOAX: This WFP poverty alleviation cash initiative is a scam

The UN humanitarian organisation dismissed the link as fake. Be aware of cash prize hoaxes on the internet. It is not true that filling in the World Food Program (WFP) questionnaire through this link will earn you any money or to be exact, Euros 729.44 as purported through a link shared on WhatsApp. The WFP

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MISSING CONTEXT: This video of a robbery in Kampala is not from 2024

The footage dates back to 2018. What is true is that Uganda has witnessed a sheaf of robberies in the last quarters of 2024, some very tactical and many recorded on camera, especially in Kampala. However, plenty of questionable robbery claims are sprouting and are adding fire to the already worrying situation, something security warns

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