Our Process

Corrections and complaints policy

Debunk Media Initiative creates and edits journalistic content in form of fact checks and we aim for transparency in our work. All claims/ fact checks done are sourced from the internet (Facebook, Twitter, and screenshots) These are included in our audio, and video content that is shared with debunked information. 

Please do not hesitate to flag any mistakes through our social media accounts or by emailing us at thedebunk@gmail.com Go to our corrections page where you will easily report any errors in our work or fact checks. We will respond to your query immediately with corrections and acknowledgement of mistakes made and those addressed varying in need; We will specify how we were made aware of our mistake and when we updated the story (video, audio or written).  When needed, we will explain what led us to make the error and be clear about the flaws in the original version. 

We comply with the International Fact-Checking Network Code of Principles and in case we are violating the code, report the error here with evidence or Email: factchecknet@poynter.org

Social media corrections policy

Any article that is corrected on our website will be republished on all the official Debunk Media Initiative social media accounts it was originally shared on with a clear indication that the article was updated and corrected.

  • On Facebook, we will edit the original post with an indication of the correction made.
  • On Twitter, we will share the corrected version of the article with a new tweet. Debunk will reply to that tweet with an image of the correction for transparency’s sake. We will delete the original erroneous tweet to avoid spreading misinformation.
  • Debunk will give a correction where possible on other distributed platforms