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Is the Uganda Express Highway the most expensive road in the world?

Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye quoted in his tweet that the express highway in Uganda is the most expensive in the world.

Yes, it was really expensive to have it done but does it still stand as the most expensive road?

Our fact-checkers and producers from Debunk Media Initiative bring you some facts in this episode of The Debunk Show.

Watch to the end to have some factual knowledge of the road construction sector as we demystify these statements.

Debunk Media Initiative

Uganda's first premier fact-checking show

A fact checking organization & show series that aims at breaking the cycle of misinformation and fakenews through multi-media projects


Is it justified, logical and indeed factual? That’s the question that Ugandans who have closely followed the events orchestrated by Ugandan artiste, Gravity Omutujju need to be asking, following his online and media appearances meant for the National Unity Platform(NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, to build a hospital on his beachland located in

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Namibian Deputy Prime Minister Is Not Currently President In Waiting As Parrots Uganda Headlined!

Claim: Parrots Uganda, a local online publication recently published an article on the 20th of January 2023, about, Hon. Netumbo Nandi Ndaitwah, the Namibian Deputy Prime Minister asking a renowned Kampala businessman Hamis Kiggudu to build a football stadium in Namibia. “Namibian president in waiting calls on businessman Hamis Kiggundu to build a world-class sports

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Fact Check: Pretty Mike Is Not A Spiritual Leader But A Stunts Man

Pretty Mike Is Not A Spiritual Leader But A Stunts Man     Claim:  Galaxy radio a local FM station in Uganda posted a picture showing two ladies pouring cooking vegetables into a small pan, and with them, a seemingly superficial “Zambia” male  “Chef ” holding a long and sizable aluminium cooking tool, stirring into

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This year’s Africa Facts Summit was hosted in Port Louis, Mauritius, drawing over 200 fact-checkers from across the African continent. The primary focus of the event was to strategize methods for establishing impartial fact-checking practices throughout the region. Members of the Africa Facts Network, such as the Debunk Media Initiative, ZimFact, Africa Check, Dubawa, and

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AI’s Influence in the Misinformation Age on Social Media

We can all agree that concerns about disruptive Artificial intelligence and the possibility that it may someday take over people’s work and personal life have arisen. Because fact-checkers cannot forecast the future, let’s ponder that idea for a bit. What we can do is clarify what it means for the generation and consumption of information

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The Power of Good Journalism: Global Media Forum 2023 Ignites Change for Next-Gen African Journalists

“Good journalism goes beyond simply reporting facts; it encapsulates the power of storytelling and social transformation. Next-gen African journalists like myself need to utilize this power to uncover stories that resonate deeply with communities. By highlighting issues of social injustice, corruption, environmental degradation, and economic inequality, we journalists can shed light on the challenges faced

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