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FACT-CHECK: Alkaline Water, Alkaline Fruit And Baking Soda Do Not Cure Cancer

FACT-CHECK: Alkaline Water, Alkaline Fruit And Baking Soda Do Not Cure Cancer


Society’s silent and yet again loud enemy in the digital space lately is unverified health information that makes rounds online within a short span.

 A post shared on X (formerly Twitter) claims that alkaline water, alkaline fruit, and baking soda, do cure cancer. The controversial post published on September 21, 2023, garnered over 6,125 views and more than 118 likes by April 27, 2024. Which is detrimental to the health sector of all nations.

Photo: A screenshot of the video showing the claim posted on X.

Cancer cases have escalated and continue to be an enormous threat to mankind. the disease is known  to start in almost any organ or tissue of the body when abnormal cells grow uncontrollably beyond their usual limits and spread to other organs. According to the World Health Organization, it manifests in different types, including leukaemia, lymphoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and others.

The Oxford Dictionary defines an alkaline substance as a substance with a PH greater than 7, and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as a chemical in the form of a white powder that dissolves and is commonly used in preparing foods such as cakes. Alkaline foods on the other hand include cucumber, avocado, spinach and others.


Dr. Mugisha Noreb, a specialist in cancer-related issues working with the Uganda Cancer Institute confirms that the above claim is a myth, not true and has the potential to mislead the masses

“I am not aware that alkaline water, fruit and baking soda treat cancer, it should be one of the myths which are not true”, says Dr Mugisha. 

He adds that cancer is only treated using medically approved drugs and methods by qualified medical personnel for example surgery, radiotherapy and others.

The post was accompanied by a video of a woman explaining how a book by Dr.Tullio Simoncini, an Italian ex-oncologist describes cancer as a fungus disease, something that continues to raise eyebrows in the wake of plenty of credible information that’s been published about the disease, but also the author’s credibility.

Dr Simoncini claimed that cancer is a fungal disease that can be cured by sodium bicarbonate injections in his book titled “Cancer is a Fungus”, on pages 142 and 143 under the chapter “The Therapy with sodium bicarbonate”

Photo: Screenshots of pages 142 and 143 from the book “Cancer is a Fungus.”


According to healthline, an American website that specialises in publishing health articles, baking soda, alkaline foods and drinks are not scientifically approved to treat cancer and are unable to prevent cancer cells from developing because the body maintains a stable PH regardless of what is eaten. It also states that cancer is not a fungus disease, but rather a result of abnormal growth of body cells.

Dr. Simoncini’s reputation as a medical doctor and a trusted authority to speak on matters concerning cancer and its treatement is questionable and makes the claims above worthy of deep scrutiny.

According to an article by an American online news Agency ANSA, Dr Simoncini  was banned from the medical profession in 2003 and was later tried over the death of a brain tumour patient whom he tried to treat with sodium bicarbonate, together with his collaborator.


Alkaline water, alkaline fruit and baking soda can not cure cancer though, they can be used as supplements in addition to the treatment given to cancer patients because they are generally good for the human body through strengthening bones and muscles, improving cardiovascular health and boosting brain function, among other benefits.




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