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In January 2021, Debunk Media Initiative took part in a research project by Africa Check whose objective was to evaluate the Africa Facts network’s progress in fostering the practice of fact-checking across the continent. 

To ensure this success, Debunk Media Initiative was selected in 2022 as an implementing partner and our members took part in an in-depth training of trainers by Africa Check with support from Google, to strengthen the information ecosystem of Uganda. Debunk Media Initiative(DMI) invited all journalists and media practitioners to apply for a free fact-checking masterclasses that would see us equip a total of 40 journalists from Uganda with fact-checking and verification skills.

The Project was divided into two trainings, two days each, targeting a maximum of 20 journalists per training within the central and northern regions of Uganda as the main focus. The Fact-checking masterclass for journalists was essential in teaching the following; 

  • Spotting mis and disinformation.
  • Fact-checking processes and tools.
  • The role of data in fact-checking.
  • The role of journalists in fighting false information.


Renowned Journalists- Patricia Oyella (BBC Field Reporter) and Daniel Mumbere ( Rocket Health)  during our Kampala training. 







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