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The Power of Good Journalism: Global Media Forum 2023 Ignites Change for Next-Gen African Journalists

The Power of Good Journalism: Global Media Forum 2023 Ignites Change for Next-Gen African Journalists

“Good journalism goes beyond simply reporting facts; it encapsulates the power of storytelling and social transformation. Next-gen African journalists like myself need to utilize this power to uncover stories that resonate deeply with communities. By highlighting issues of social injustice, corruption, environmental degradation, and economic inequality, we journalists can shed light on the challenges faced by our fellow citizens, bringing these issues to the forefront of public consciousness.” Marion Apio, Debunk Fact Checker. 


Attending the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany, was a pivotal moment in my budding journalism career. Beyond the excitement of traveling to Europe, the true essence of the experience lay in connecting with like-minded individuals who shared an unwavering passion for storytelling and inspiring narratives.

Outstanding journalists such as Anas Anas, Solomon Sserwanja, and Edith Kimani, who graced the stage, elevated the conversations to new heights. Their dedication to truth and their relentless pursuit of impactful journalism left an undeniable impression on me. Equally memorable were the courageous activists who shared their stories of daily risks taken to drive change. From Uganda to Nigeria and beyond, the forum was filled with powerful tales of transformation fueled by the potential of journalism.

In an era characterized by rapidly evolving media landscapes and the pursuit of breaking news, the significance of good journalism cannot be overstated. Nowhere is this need more evident than in Africa, where next-gen journalists have an unparalleled opportunity to become catalysts for change. By prioritizing impactful storytelling, we can shape narratives, challenge societal norms, and ignite the transformation that Africa deserves.


When practiced with integrity, journalism possesses the ability to inspire action and provoke change. Next-gen African journalists must recognize their potential as agents of change. By fearlessly investigating and exposing hidden truths, they can hold those in power accountable and challenge the prevailing status quo. This includes shining a light on grassroots initiatives, unsung heroes, and innovative solutions that can pave the way for positive transformation across the continent.

Africa is a continent brimming with diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives. Good journalism empowers marginalized communities by providing them with a voice and a platform to share their stories. Next-gen journalists must actively seek out these voices, granting them the opportunity to be heard and fostering inclusivity within the media landscape. By doing so, we can challenge stereotypes, bridge divides, and foster unity and understanding among diverse African communities.

The next generation of African journalists carries an extraordinary responsibility and an opportunity to embrace the power of impactful journalism that sparks change. By prioritizing impactful storytelling, holding power accountable, and amplifying underrepresented voices, we can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our continent. Let us encourage and support young professionals as they embark on their journey, utilizing the power of the written word to build a more equitable Africa for all.

One resounding lesson that permeated the event was the understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to countering the challenges faced by the media today. From disinformation and polarization to dwindling trust in journalism, the issues confronting us are complex and multifaceted. However, the diversity of ideas presented at the forum showcased that diversity itself could be our strength.

By embracing various methodologies, perspectives, and technological innovations, we can catalyze the overcoming of divisions and obstacles plaguing the media industry. Whether through investigative journalism that uncovers uncomfortable truths or engaging storytelling that bridges cultural divides, fact checking or solutions journalism, every approach has the potential to make a positive impact.

Moreover, the importance of collaboration and unity was emphasized throughout the conference. As journalists, we must recognize the power of coming together to collectively tackle these challenges. By forging strong partnerships with media outlets, technology experts, civil society, and the public, we can create an environment where truth and accuracy prevail, leaving no room for divisive narratives to flourish.

The Global Media Forum 2023 served as a call to action for journalists to recommit ourselves to the core principles of our profession: truth, accuracy, and serving the public interest. In a world inundated with information but lacking authenticity, we must rise above the noise and uphold our integrity as the custodians of information.

As I return from this enriching experience, I am reminded of the immense responsibility we bear as journalists. Our stories have the potential to shape opinions, challenge norms, and effect meaningful change. Let us embrace this power with humility, empathy, and a determination to create a world where reliable journalism thrives and divisions gradually heal.


I express my heartfelt gratitude to all who unwaveringly commit to this noble profession. Together, we can navigate the ever-changing media landscape and build a future that values truth, unity, and the pursuit of a well-informed society.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to engage with industry experts, especially the DW Akademie team, whose guidance and support reaffirmed the importance and vitality of the work we do as journalists and that at Debunk Media Initiative. The moments by the river and the boat cruise with the team created lasting memories, and I will forever cherish them.


The Global Media Forum showed me that good journalism has the power to shape perceptions, ignite change, and bridge gaps across the globe. I am more motivated than ever to continue my journey as a journalist, armed with the knowledge that our work can truly make a difference in the world. Thank you, Miriam Ohlsen, for making this experience possible and for reminding me of the significance of our mission as storytellers.

Marion Apio – CEO Debunk Media Initiative

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